Who Is The Best Job? Essay

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Always Learning In the simplest of terms: leaders lead. They recognize when a situation requires their control or influence. Through a combination of instinct, critical thinking, organization, and implementation, the leader guides their allies and manages the situation. In events that require quick thinking and action, a leader will feel comfortable sharing their influence and stand out amongst a crowd. This has been a familiar scenario for me from as far back as elementary school; I always lead group projects, volunteered to present in front of the class, and take on extra responsibilities simply because I knew I could do the best job. Volunteering was fun and success was attainable with my plans. When I was younger I never thought much of it, I simply knew that I liked talking in front of people and getting them to listen. It was only as I got older that began to understand these positive characteristics as interpersonal leadership traits.
Throughout my education the clubs and activities I participated in reflected my individual drive and desire to grow: Key Club, National Honors Society, and even participating in Track and Field molded me into becoming a better individual and citizen. My mom taught me the values of community service at a young age and I grew up working various charities, fundraisers, and service days. I understood the importance of giving back and recognized my passion to help those in need. Nonetheless, I always strived to do more for myself…

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