Essay on Who Is The Best Friend?

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We all know you have a huge circle of friends around you. At school, at your job, near your neighborhood, everywhere. However, what you don’t know is who is your best friend and who is just a friend, acquaintance even. Every person you know could walk up to you and start a conversation with you. Having a large group of friends is great because you always have someone to talk to. But there is always that one friend who is a bit more special that the rest of them. This is your best friend, the one who can call at 4 am in the morning, the one who always knows what’s on your mind. You need to be able to know who is that best friend and who are just your friends. Below is a list of facts to help you distinguish your friend from your best friend.
One: They walk into your house like they live there. Sure, your friends walk into your house as well. But your best friend is always different. As soon as you open your door, your best friend would walk in, take off their shoes and head straight for your refrigerator. Your friend would be timid and ask if they can take off their shoes while you would ask if they would like something to drink. After entering the house and scouring through your fridge your best friend would then proceed to your room or the living room and there you would talk about everything and anything. However, with friends it’s hard to keep a conversation going, although you know each other, you don’t actually know each other. So it would get kind of awkward if you…

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