Who Is The American Dream? Essay

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America America is a seventeen year old Tepoztlan girl from Mexico who crossed the border with her brother-in-law (Candido) to the USA in search of greener pastures, she is six months pregnant with Candido baby and homeless. In search of a better living they strive to make it as illegal immigrants.
She came in the USA full of hope and dreams which she believed where easily achievable due to information she acquired through novels, movies and things she witnessed from people who travelled to the north and back. A journey she undertook on a spontaneous decision without critical thinking, she was very optimistic and ambitious in achieving what she believed was the American dream, work hard, save and enjoy. She is young and this decision which came out of impulse can be considered poor. ‘Pictures of the brain in action show that adolescents’ brains function differently than adults when decision-making and problem solving. Their actions are guided more by the amygdala and less by the frontal cortex (aacap.org), this enables them to make decisions on impulse and are less likely to consider the consequences of their actions. In the beginning she felt empowered, independent and entitled, she was very enthusiastic in working towards her dreams by defying some of her cultural values, she wanted to go to work, earn her own money, cater for the man and all the unnecessary wants to satisfy her youthful cravings and…

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