Who Is The American Dream? Essay

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As people live today, they invariably encounter various of dilemma. However, despite of the occurrence an individual undergoes, they constantly reside and subsist differently. There are people questioning themselves on how their situation they faced presently, change? And make it better?. In what ways, can an individual helps his/her country to prosper? Does not an individual 's doing makes contentment to himself/herself, what about others? Reality bites, people do not appease. We all want extras. I know that a personal dream is hard, how is it more possible with the American Dream? American Dream is a dream that Americans ought to have. It was made to give the citizens a hope to live how they want, yet it has been said by some of the journalists that it was already dead. Theories were made that it was never alive because of the tragic events that happened in the past. Yet, if it does or does not exist there should be some work done. Furthermore, I do believe that the American Dream is alive, with that, I consider some boundaries that are hindering us from witnessing our dream; economic hardship, inequality, and opportunity.
To begin with, as a student that lives in this world today, it is frustrating to hear all the current events that are happening related to how America’s economy has been ruined. To be frank, today 's current events about the economy is a cycle that does not have an ending. Another key thing to remember, the Great Depression and the Great Recession has…

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