Essay on Who Is The American Dream?

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One way or another we all had conceived a dream; dreams can be inspiring, but many times dreams can lead to disappointments. For instance, many times immigrants migrate to the United States to pursuit the “American dream” despite the risks they may encounter. Growing up I didn’t really hear “these stories” until later in life. Many families feel the need to go to el otro lado for better opportunities and to be able to provide to their families. Both of my parents are immigrants and just like many they came to the U.S for better opportunities. I as well have an older sister who is undocumented. My parents growing in Mexico did not have the opportunity to continue their education my dad at a young age felt obligated to work and provide a source of income. My dad would sell gum, bread, and candy in the streets of Mexico. My mom as well was not able to continue her education, my mom living in a ranch live too far from a school to continue her education. They both didn’t reach an education higher than the 4th grade.
From my family, my parents, my sister and a few uncles are undocumented. The majority of my uncles got lucky when they came to the U.S. because when they came around the late or early 1980s they were granted residency. On the other hand, if my dad would have come earlier maybe he would have become a citizen as well. My dad came to the U.S. earlier than my mother and sister. When he got help and collected the money to cross the border, all my uncles lived in the same…

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