Who Is Responsible Essay

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Mark Jenkings
Professor Renee Spraggins
BEHS 453
February 12, 2015
Case Study 2
Who Is Responsible

Ron was definitely on the right track after buying a pair of slacks from JC Penny’s because he was heading straight home. Also, he was kind of on the wrong track because instead of putting the bag in the trunk, he threw it in the back seat making it visible to the public if he was to pull over at the store or anywhere else. In this case, he did pull over at the store and someone happened to see a bag in the back seat and broke into his car. I wouldn’t give Ron 100% blame in this incident because in life things happen and he didn’t ask for anyone to break into his car. On the other hand, he should have put the bag in his trunk
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Unfortunately I didn’t and burglars broke into my house. The law states that you are forbidden to trespass or break into anyone’s home without permission so therefore the majority to blame is the burglars. Even if I did get my lock fixed on the window, there is still a possibility that the burglars were going to come in regardless of the window being open. I give myself only 10% responsibility for my actions. Even though Julie has been dating Tom for 2 months and they’re in a relationship doesn’t give Tom the right to put his hands on her in any given situation. Regardless if he has a bad temper especially when he drinks is no excuse for his actions. Julie has a warm personality and is a friendly person to her peers. If Tom can’t handle her being friendly to people then maybe he needs to find someone that isn’t as friendly or seek help. If you evaluate this situation even further, say if Julie were to hit Tom and he reacted back and punched her, he still would be wrong. I give Julie 0% responsibility for being hit regardless if she knows how his temper is. Sara and Jane came to the frat party together and should have left together. Even though they both are grown young women in college, they should still look out for each other’s best interest. It was clear that Jane was drunk if she needed help to her dorm room from the men but also it shouldn’t take 3 men to help 1 girl into her room. The 3

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