Who Is Responsible For What We Eat Essay example

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Quickly made and served food popularly known as fast food is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries in the world. It’s commonly labeled as junk food, but never seems to stop thousands from lining up and throwing away their money to fast food chains. It’s important to understand our nutritional intake, eating a healthy balanced diet is vital for a good wellbeing. The first article I examined was titled “Who is responsible for what we eat”, and my second article I observed was titled “Influences on consumption of soft drinks and fast foods in adolescents” by Denney Wilson et al. In both articles the authors primarily focused on who promotes what we eat, thus differ in the way they approach the topic. To present their views on health and fast food, the authors use contrasting structure, language, and reference styles to portray their thoughts and findings. These two articles use structure to present its main ideas, and the author’s different viewpoints. Both articles originate from different disciplines, and the way the authors organize their writings is what makes them noticeably different. In the article “Who is Responsible for What We Eat” the layout of this article is most similar to that of an essay; the essay is structured with an introduction which gives the reader brief background knowledge as to why this topic is important. The introduction is followed by body paragraphs to build off the introduction. The author concludes this paragraph with a thesis…

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