Who Is Offred In The Handmaids Tale

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The Character Analysis of Offred in “The Handmaid’s Tale”
The main character of “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood is a handmaid named Offred. Offred is not a real name but just a nickname given to handmaids who belong to a certain commander (man only), in her case Fred. She wears a uniform of a handmaid, a red clock covering ankles, gloves, and a white veil covering almost half of the face, which covers the whole body. The place of the story is somewhere inside of the USA that the Republic of Gilead rules, in a war state. An oppressive dictatorship, the Republic of Gilead regulates every single movement of its people and distributes women to men as trophies It has prohibited many things, like liquor or coffee, while the people in high social status enjoy them from black markets.
More specifically, the Gilead government has prohibited many things particularly to women, especially to handmaids: all the social or career activities, reading, purposeless talking, writing, wearing outfits other than assigned uniforms, having
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They are not well protected by violence from Wives or Guardians, killed if they seem suspicious, and disappear suddenly. For example, saying those kind of incidents are frequent, she accounts a Martha who was shot by a Guardian, thinking she had a bomb, while searching her sleeve for the pass. However, she seems to be used to what happens around her; she seems to accept her situation that kills her individuality and freedom. For example, when she talks with a Wife, she narrates that she is like a doll with a pre-recorded voice. She seems to be located to other houses several times, and she was placed in her third house at the time the book started. Even after seeing six bodies hanged near the Wall, she calmly describes what the bodies look like and how she feels about them—looking like dolls, rather than human beings, saying that it has become an ordinary thing to

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