Who Is My Instructor For Information Systems Design? Essay

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For this assignment I was asked to select someone from my field of study and interview them about an ethical issue that they have faced in the workplace. I plan on going into IT computer support, and I interviewed Kathy Brown who is my instructor for Information Systems Design. She teaches the majority of Computer Support Specialist classes. I came up with questions to ask her regarding an issue that she had faced. While conducting the interview it was interesting to hear an actual situation that arose in my future field, and I feel that this dilemma could be one in my future field that I may face. The following is the interview questions I asked Kathy.
1. Describe a time you encountered in your professional career a situation that forced you to make an ethical or moral choice.
2. How did you resolve this situation?
3. What was your thought process?
4. Did you ask others for advice?
5. Did you use a pro and cons list, if so what would some of them be?
6. If others knew of this situation, would it have affected your decision?
7. Why this situation was deemed an ethical decision for you?
8. What factors came into play in your decision?
9. Looking back now, would you have changed anything? Reacted differently?
10. What is something you learned from this experience?
When I asked Kathy about a situation where she was forced to make an ethical choice she told me about a time when she was early on in her career. She said how working in this field that you have access to a lot of…

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