Who Is Happiness And Meaning Of Life? Essay example

1870 Words May 5th, 2016 8 Pages
Is our existence simply rooted on our pleasures and satisfactions we get from our mundane routines, or does it go beyond? Do we find meaning in the internal life that can be found inherently in life’s activities or is it found externally, outside of life activities? Throughout history many have attempted to answer this question, from Tolstoy to Camus and Frankl we continuously desire to define what the purpose in our lives is. In this paper we will discuss how these philosophers believed happiness and meaning of life were correlated, of at all. We will look at how suffering affects the process of identifying the meaning of life and how its role affects our faith. As humans we continuously stipulate that an object manifests itself into something that is presented now as observable. Those objects that cannot be manifested in any way, shape or form, by clear definition it does not exist. Anything that cannot manifest, that cannot be represented then does not exist as physical form but can instead be conveyed as existing in another space and time continuum or alternate universe. Human existence can be simply defined as being alive, but what is the purpose being alive? When we look at Albert Camus philosophy of life and the absurdity of life we need to take a close examination at his principles of absurdity and that God is dead. His initial view of existence is that it is meaningless. Along with Victor Frankl, their fundamental question is “What is the meaning of life?” For…

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