Who Is Haley Wise? Essay

1013 Words Sep 5th, 2015 null Page
Who is Haley Wise, a single question that holds many different answers, I could say who I use to be, who I’m today or even who I wish to become when I’m older but to those seeking answers will no find an indefinite one. Everyday I’m constantly learning and changing making myself never constant in a way so that the answer to that question is never the same each time asked, time moves forward and so must I in the struggling search for my identity.
After progressing to this stage in my life, I have gained a certain perspective on my own abilities and limitations to tell people what I excel in versus my weaknesses in varying subjects. Strength quest tells me that I’m a learner, achiever, focused, disciplined and commanding, altogether are good qualities to have in a leader but also meaning I lack certain power with others. Since I was a child, I possessed a strong affinity towards learning/ organization and was inclined towards my own sense of creativity, with my skills I found myself exceling in school and writing in my spare time. School always posed challenges for me but I always managed to find a way to keep going through anything with my natural sense of learning, focus, discipline and the ability to organize my time well to insure I would not forget anything important that I needed to complete. When I wasn’t working, I was writing and creating stories, often without even thinking I would make up stories to tell myself were I would name the characters and…

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