Essay on Who Is Eve Ensler? How Did She Tell The Truth?

1966 Words May 18th, 2016 8 Pages
Plan of Investigation Who is Eve Ensler? How did she tell the truth? How has her truth made an impact on our society? How is that impact felt today? There is a tremendous amount of information online about her work and the truth she has told to the public media over the years. I plan to research these questions by reading articles, watching videos on sites such as, and watching Eve Ensler’s TED talks to gather information about her. I also plan to read her play and possibly watch the TV movie called The Vagina Monologues to gather further knowledge on Eve Ensler’s efforts.
Summary of Evidence Eve Ensler is an American playwright, performer, feminist, and activist, best known for her play The Vagina Monologues. (Wikipedia). This play shattered the stigma on the word “vagina” and the issues that go along with it. It also made women more comfortable with the word across the globe, being translated in 45 languages. The Vagina Monologues has made an impact on society by making people pay attention to the many truths of not only women’s sexuality, but rape and other forms of violence as well. She has told American reporters about the people she has interviewed all over the world, especially the battered women in the Congo and the former Yugoslavia. There is an excerpt in her play about one of these women. “Not since I dream there 's a dead animal sewn in down there with thick black fishing line. And the bad dead animal smell cannot be removed. And its throat is slit…

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