Who Is Donated It? Essay

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donated it? Would it not be wise to hold the blood and sell and distribute it all over the region like Red Cross did? However, though one may not recognize that CBCC was very mature and critical in deciding to deal with the blood in the manner above, they were. CBCC had a competitive advantage, the ability to establish loyal customers since the blood donated stayed in the community to help donor’s families, friends and neighbours, as well as geographical advantage, by being locally placed in the community. By returning the donated blood into the community that donated it, ensured that a community helped solve their own problem communally. This would also, help encourage a lot of people in other communities to donate blood in order to save their community. This censured unity and togetherness among community members in solving a common problem in their area. Another strength of the CBCC is productivity. The CBCC line of product is highly specialized. A specialization leads to enhanced productivity and operational efficiencies. Specialization brings in-depth knowledge and skills among employees to help achieve excellence needed for customer’s satisfaction, adherence to FDA regulations, minimization of safety problems, quality assurance.
CBCC had some clear goals and clear strategies when critically analysed. But achieving these goals required a strong management team to lead the blood centre. Solving the blood availability and cost issue was dependent on the donations made out…

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