Who Is Carlos Villavicencio? Essay

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Carlos Villavicencio, also known as my Abuelo, lived through many living crises but was able to overcome them with his courageous acts. Growing up my Abuelo living finances were very poor. His relationship with his father was abusive and harsh but his mom was full of love and care, he describes her as an angel from god. An event he recalls well during his childhood was when him and his sister got ill, his mom dressed them up as San Martin De Porres. San Martin de Porres was a preacher that was able to cure illness with his prayers and spread the word to others that god was real. This was a live changing event in religion wise because since his sister and him recuperated, he had more faith than ever. He knows that god is always there for us and he has a very close relationship with him. This also had an impact on my life because since he taught my mom to have faith she taught me as well, I learned that God will always be a part of my life and heart.
His father had very high expectations and expected them to be achieved and to do so, he would have to be strict. In school he wanted all his kids to have at least an 8 out of 10 in all the subjects or he would physically abuse them. In the middle of middle school his family couldn 't pay for his schooling no more. Because he was forced to drop out his goal of becoming an mechanical engineer was not achieved. Right away he looked for jobs in car shops which he found easily because of all the knowledge he knew about cars. He always…

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