Who Is An Educated Person? Essay

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Since the first day of class, we have been discussing what it means to be an educated person and what qualifies you to be one. There are so many answers to that question and everyone will have a different point of view about it. An educated person can be anyone who just graduated high school, a doctorate student, or even a college dropout; the possibilities are endless and there is not one straight forward definition of what an educated person is. To me an educated person is a person who is engaged in the world, open to accepting new thoughts and ideas, and is willing to learn from past and future experiences as well as educational opportunities. Among all the articles we have discussed in class, there are a few that stood out to me in discussing ways that describe an educated person in my point of view. In Hook’s article, she discusses a multitude of ways to become engaged in your education and not just sit there and be rigidly taught it. She believes that professors, or any learning role model, should have you engaged in what you are being taught and really want to understand and progress your knowledge about the subject. It promotes will and desire within the students and encourages them to appreciate learning and the people that are teaching them. Hook’s very much believes that freedom in learning is what encourages and can lead to a place of excitement. (Hooks, 1994) Hooks thoughts and ideas really tie to my own views of an educated person in the sense that you need…

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