Who Is An Adult? Essay

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In the article titled “Who is an Adult?” published by Psychology Today on March 3rd, 2010, Jennifer Tanner uses her blog to show the debate on when a person is considered an adult by presenting two sides of the debate and their similarities. On one side of the debate Tanner uses Dr. Jeffry Arnett’s research study of the 1990’s. He interviewed three hundred eighteen to twenty-nine year olds to discover if they felt that they were adolescents or adults. The conclusion was that the majority of their answers were neither one or the other but “in-between.” On the other side of the debate Tanner uses The Network on Transitions to Adulthood that argues there is an extended adolescence stalling-off adulthood. Tanner discusses these two sides of the age debate in order to increase our society’s awareness of the impact of these critical years on the rest of our life. At the beginning of the article Tanner states, “ This is the theme of my work as an applied developmental psychologist. Since my years as an undergrad working with Dr. Susan Whitbourne on studies of college students growing up, I have been intrigued by the lack of understanding that we have about the critical years when we lay the foundation of our adult lives” (Tanner, 2010). The author is building the argument up by displaying her significance on the issue. This strategy is also used when Tanner presents both sides of the debate. She uses the research of Dr. Jeffrey Arnett, a developmental psychologist focusing on…

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