Essay on Who Is An Actress?

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You know how I 'm always saying that I make it a point to feature the actors and actresses who are not as well-known? Well,this is one time, I do believe, that I struck gold. Some time ago, I noticed Jordana Largy in the film Anything For Love. I contacted her back then for an interview. Since that time, she has been working quite steadily. From supporting character to lead--pretty amazing! Thankfully, I caught up with Jordana during a somewhat recent downtime of hers to chat with her about her fast-blossoming career from its origins to her current works (which seem to be increasing by the day at a staggering pace).

jl2RH: What inspired you to become an actress?

JL: Well, I never did think about becoming an actress when I was growing up. It just wasn 't in the realm of possibilities, if you know what I mean. It was understood and expected that I would go to college and get a regular job. Isn 't that what everyone did after all? But I will admit that doing community theater kind of lit a passion for acting within me.

I went off to college--I was studying crime and psychology. I really do like to figure out what make people tick. But I dropped out of college--the pull of acting was just too strong. Then I headed off to the Vancouver Lyric School of Acting, and I also studied at the Railtown Actor Studio. I was put on the six month fast-track program. I am happy to report that I absolutely love theater scripts.

Since you now have worked with Hallmark on several films, what…

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