Essay on Who Is A Victoria Secret Model?

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I found a How to become a Victoria Secret Model. To become an angel, you need to have good luck on your side, perfect body and beauty. There should not be idea numbers for a model’s measurements but this how too, there is numbers. Nobody under the age of 18 can apply, which I think that is a good age. What will help you a lot is have agencies see you. Have lots of face and nobody snapshots on hand with a resume of modeling experience. Going to well-known companies will help also getting your name out there and a foot in the door. If you are rejected chances are you could, don’t give up. Don’t try the damaging opinions to try and be picked the next time. The biggest thing they say is being skinny be alethic. 110 pounds at the height of 5’9 which they ask you to be, is just not attractive. There is nothing wrong with a woman with meat on her bones. Beauty is on the inside as well as out. There is nothing wrong with sweet and fatty foods, I agree work out if you eat these but none at all, I think is a choice, shouldn’t be a demand. Woman can still be a model but will need to hire help to keep and maintain weight and healthy eating habits. Have your face be known, be on a cover of a magazine’s after the age of 18. An ideal age for modeling is 18-30, either too young or to old, being any age with beauty should be good enough. Take the modeling career serious, no staying out late, be professional and friendly. Going out in a customer service line of work, I hope people would be…

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