Who Is A Team Player? Essay

1165 Words Oct 9th, 2014 5 Pages
What would someone do if a new member showed up and created problems to the team they have had success with? Would you just ignore the problem at hand or step up and take a sacrifice for the team? Nobody wants the one kid who will ruin the team’s future. They only want them to be a team player. A team player is supposed to be a person who is willingly working in cooperation with others. I am sure everyone has had that one person on the team or several people who have not earned their role as a team player. Being a team player though is a huge responsibility someone on a team needs to be committed to. For a group or team to have success everyone there must be committed to their role and goal toward that team. One little flaw or one person does not chose to be in favor of their future could be the reason why the group does not make big steps to where they need to be. Everyone needs to have a place and a role in what they want to help the team accomplish. By having a role in a team there will be much that can be accomplished. If everyone chips in it can and will be valuable to a team’s success in the future. While, there are always several people on a team that believe just showing up or being there is benefiting or helping a team out, it is truly someone who has a positive attitude, has a goal, and puts in extra effort that goes a long way. Being a team player is such an important trait to possess, and there is a limited few who actually are an example of this trait. People…

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