Who Is A Law Enforcement Manager? Essay

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1. Who is a law enforcement manager?
A law enforcement manager is the person responsible for deciding goals and objectives, adopting a work plan to accomplish them, obtaining and wisely using the resources and making decisions that result in a high level of performance and productivity.

2. What is the purpose of law enforcement management?
The purpose of managers is to control and direct, to administer, and to take charge of the operations and their people.

3. What does delegation mean? Can you delegate authority? Responsibility? Delegation is the transferring of something in order to free up time to work on other things. Authority can be delegated as employees need authority to get the tasks done. However, responsibility cannot be delegated as it is personal.

4. What changes do you foresee in law enforcement agencies management, supervision and leadership in the 21st century?
Law enforcement has changed drastically in the past 100 years. In order to keep up with the changes, management, supervision and leadership have to change as well. The shift by law enforcement agencies towards higher education, better technology, and more resources etc. require management, supervision and leadership to challenge their staff and develop new training techniques and operational practices. Due to a more complex society, managers will need to train officers to be more proactive and inquisitive rather than just following a set procedures.

5. How do you develop yourself to be a law…

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