Who Is A Doctor And Take Care Of Orphans, And Seniors Essay

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1. To be a Doctor and take care of orphans, and seniors :

When I was a little kid, I always dreamed about being a doctor. The reason for me to be a doctor was to cure and help people out of disease. Whenever I would see a child or a senior coughing or struggling with their life, my eyes would get filled up with tears. I genuinely felt bad for them. It is not just my dream to take care of orphans or seniors, but my goal that I want to achieve eagerly. My seniors are the individuals whom I see as my role models. Despite of having all bad circumstances, they are trying hard to live their life to the fullest. Whenever I complain to God or my parents ' about how unfair life Is, they always tell me to look at someone who is not as stable as me, someone who has more problems in life than I do. As soon as I do that, my heart melts and I bow down to God and thank him for everything he has given to me. I heartily thank him for blessing me with my fortunes. For me blessing is not something materialistic, It is something emotional. When a person blesses you, they give you the most expensive gift ever. I am studying really hard to achieve my dream of being a doctor. Being a doctor is not an easy thing. In order to get into a medical school, you have to leave behind all the social life. To me, my friends and parents are everything. I like to spend time with them so it is really hard for me to manage school, friends and family. However, I am trying my best to be…

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