Who Is A Catalyst For Optimum Success? Essay

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I believe that a catalyst for optimum success is most likely to emerge after a period of deep distress. It is only after such moments that we are likely to feel a strong internal motivation to materialize our potential. Immigrating here to the US from Europe has taught me the value of individualism while embracing the uniqueness of ones own journey. Driven by my own personal responsibility to excel and genuine interest in the health sciences, both research and healthcare applications. I became a distinguished responsible student who valued compassion and humility, qualities that are essential as a clinician.

My love for surgery flourished during medical school. Although the classroom gave me a clearer picture of the extent and gravity of the field, it was the clinical rotations that revealed the full beauty of surgery to me. The human body and its physiologic and biochemical functions have always fascinated me as it represents art perfectly. General surgery has a central core of knowledge embracing my love of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and etc. I was only drawn closer to surgery as I found that it had a great balance of two of my greatest passions; the arts and sciences. General surgery is on the cutting edge as it continues to evolve to benefit the patient. As technology advances, invasive procedures are now replaced with minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques that reduce pain and cost, and accelerate recuperation without sacrificing clinical outcomes.


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