Who I Think Should Be The Next President Essay

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Who I think should be the next President
The candidate I believe should be the the next president is Bernie Sanders. I first started off by looking at his pages on to www.votesmart.org. in his biography page I found a short history of his life. Their I found out that he was born in Brooklyn New York and his home town now is Burlington Vermont. Their I also found out that his politico career started in 1972 (“The Voter 's Self Defense System”, 2016). Under the voter tab I found out that he has sponsored a good amount of bills. Their I found of that in the last couple of years that he has sponsored bills dealing with gun control, woman rights, and payroll reform (“The Voter 's Self Defense System”, 2016). Under the positions tab I found that me and Bernie Sanders agree on most of the positions there (“The Voter 's Self Defense System”, 2016). Under in the funding tab I found the following. That is top four contributors are Alphabet Inc., University of California, Microsoft Corp, and Apple Inc. (“The Voter 's Self Defense System”, 2016).

So next I did was to go on www.factcheck.org to checks its reports about the factual accuracy of Bernie Sanders statement in the ninth Democratic Debate. Most of the statements that he made were factual however there were three statements that were misleading. The first is that he said that donors who contribute to here Super PACs were undisclosed however this is not the case. Super…

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