Essay on Who I Am Who Am I?

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Every person has different gifts but there is one gift in all people that should be developed and that is growing closer to the Lord each day. As I have tried to figure out who I am for the last nineteen years, growing closer to God has shaped who I have become. I understand that I not only have an earthly father that loves me but I also have a heavenly Father who loved me enough to create me, die for me, and redeem me. In fact, I am a princess and flawless in His eyes. As I continue to grow in a relationship with the Lord, I never want to stop growing in the love that I have for Him.
Who Am I?
I was born in Anderson, Indiana on September 5th, 1996, the second child to Joey and Ceresa Key. For the first several years, I enjoyed being the baby of the family, behind my sister who was 18-months older than me. However, being the baby did not last too long, because when I was four my family informed me that I had a baby brother on the way. Trust me, I was not happy about this. I even said that I was living with my grandma because I did not want someone to take my spot at being the baby. By the time he was born, I loved the little guy and I am glad he made me the middle child. Growing up, my family was always close with our grandparents from both sides and that allowed me to develop the strong relationships I have with my grandparents today. Growing up surrounded by my family was one of my favorite parts of growing up. If we just wanted to go see them, all we had to do was give…

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