Who I Am Today? Essay

1084 Words Feb 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Who I am today is different than who I was four years ago and I will constantly change who I am over time. However, there are a few points in my life which played a big whole for creating who I am today. I have had many events that I have experienced where I would mess up and learn from my mistakes. Aside from my own mistakes, I was also able learn from my parent’s past. As I was growing up, my parents would tell me stories about their past life and would give me advice for my present one. Throughout middle school and high school, I found myself in situations similar to my parents and kept all of their advices at the back of my mind. It took me a while, but I began to realize that these advices were the reason I was able to reach my achievements, they influenced my decisions and created who I am today. Since then, I continue to carry their advices in the back of my head and now, I believe they are truly a part of me. My mother is one of the most influential and strong person in my life. She has been through physical and emotional obstacles in her life and has overcome them. During 1982, while my mother was 19 years old, she was forced to run away from the communist society that was in her home, Saigon, Vietnam. She went on a boat for sixteen days with little food and water. During her escape and was hijacked by a group of Thailand’s who stole money and equipment off my mother’s boat. When my mother’s ship ran out of gas, they had to make sails and follow the wind.…

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