Who I Am I? Essay

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Who am I? Well, that would depend on who you are talking to. To some, I am Chris, to others I am Chief, Doc or Pastor and then there is "Hey You". Others, refer to me as just Credle, or Mr. Credle, but there has to be more, right? Professionally, I am a Paramedic, a counselor, the boss, some days I am a teacher and even a preacher. Within my family, I am a father yet at the same time a son, a brother, I am a husband, a lover and a friend. Extended family and friends call me Uncle Fussy due to me being extremely hairy and causing my nephews to have nightmares one night after seeing me in my tighty-whities. To the four-legged, furry members of my family, I am the leader of the pack and the alpha-dog. Yet, the title, I hold most dear to my heart is Daddy. You see, a long time ago a very wise man, that would be my father told me, "Any man who reaches puberty can be a Father, but not every one of them will be a Daddy." He went on to tell my four brothers and me that, "A father, has to choose to be a daddy, and it is a lot of work, but it is like the Peace Corps. Being a Daddy, will be the toughest job you will ever love."
I choose to be a Daddy, every day I wake up and yes it is sometimes a very tough job. After sixteen wonderful years of marriage. Amy, my wife and I still do not have any biological children. We got pregnant once, but early one morning, during the latter part of her first trimester, while I was working as a Paramedic, on a twenty-four-hour shift. Amy started…

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