Essay Who I Am I?

2701 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 11 Pages
Who am I? That’s a really good question. I’ve always been asked this same question over and over again in applications, interviews, etc., but to be honest, I’ve always had trouble describing who I am. People say that that’s what college is for, to find yourself, aside from being sleep deprived, running on pure caffeine, and getting a career. That’s beside the point; I am about to be 20 on the 31st of December, so that means that I technically have had about 15 years of “knowing myself”. To be honest, I don’t think that has been enough to say that I know who I am. I am still discovering new things each and every day. I don’t think people ever stop astonishing themselves, but I have found out some things about myself along the way. For instance, I love to travel. I’m pretty sure that mostly everyone loves this, however I consider it a passion of mine. I am fascinated with the beautiful places out there in the world. I have not yet had the honor to travel outside the continent, but that is partly my mom’s fault because she has this fear of airplanes. She is afraid that she’ll get on one, and the engines would start to fail. Then, she would end up falling into the water and eaten by sharks, drown or possibly even survive and end up in an island just like the movie Cast Away. Frankly, she watches too many movies, which is messing with her. but that’s enough about my mother. Furthermore, what we do is that we take a bunch of road trips instead, and I’m not complaining about them…

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