Who I Am I? Essay

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Who Am I?
I remember eight years ago as I was sitting in my eighth grade classroom, my homeroom teacher went to each student and gave him or her an envelope. It was June, so we were getting ready for our middle school graduation. The envelope served as a parting gift. Inside of this envelope was a half-inch strip of paper on notable characteristics of the respective student. When I opened mine, it read “—thoughtful and extremely perceptive of others and her environment. She is intelligent and has varied interests and opinions that hardly anyone knows about. She is an excellent student and a loyal friend.” At the time, I simply read the paper and stuffed it back in the envelope. However, after some years passed, I found the paper as I was cleaning my room one day and read it again. That time, I really considered the words that were written. To this day, I am amazed by how accurate my eighth grade teacher was in describing my character. Though I am now 21 years old and preparing to graduate from college, I still feel that that brief description written when I was 13, matches who I am today. This brings me to the three words I would use to describe myself: thoughtful, intelligent, and loyal.
Oftentimes my family and friends tell me that I “think too much” or that I “overanalyze” everything. This is true. I have never been the type of person to act first and think later. Instead, I take great consideration into whatever I say or do and make sure that it is the best…

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