Who I Am As A Person Right Essay

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1. Cristian Bonilla from Honduras, immigrated at the age of 12: “Being an immigrant wherever I am, and therefore your experience will change, because your past experiences were so much different than anybody else’ here. If you were born outside the country your culture values, your family values everything else changes. And then once you are here, you have come face-to-face to the new culture that is in the United States, the American way… You are always in that constant battle of being like, who I am? Am I representing who I am as a person right, or am I just trying to fit in? Every single day, whatever I do, it is me trying to cope with am I really being myself? Or I am being what the other people want me to be… My experiences are so much different that it is hard for me to relate to people, that that diminishes the amount of people that I talk to.”

Culture represented at Brandeis: “I don’t think that my race is well represented on campus, because ethnicity-wise, I have only met a handful of Hondurans that I could think of at the top of my head, so I do not think ethnicity-wise my people are being represented as much as I would want it to be. But, culturally-wise, I guess [Brandeis] is doing a better job, even though it could improve because there is a variety of Latinos dispersed on campus, from Dominicans, to Puerto Ricans, to Cubans, to Central Americans, and a few South Americans, so I feel in that aspect of bringing the Latino community the campus does a pretty good…

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