Who I Am And What I Want Essay

1113 Words Dec 8th, 2014 5 Pages
During the voyage of self-exploration, people ask question themselves “who I am and what I want.” Unfortunately, not everyone reaches his answers and recognizes “this is me and this is what I want.” Knowing yourself is challenging, yet, if people become aware of themselves, they can live fulfilling lives. Through Color, EQ test, political and gender bread Meyers-Briggs Personality Test and MBTI test, I started to analyze my personality. Using these four assessments, I identified my personality, strengths and weaknesses, which are significantly important for knowing “the true myself.” First of all, I found the constant pattern of my personality that is I am passionate about personal growth. Since I always seek to improve myself, the test results are unsurprising. According to “What Is Emotional Intelligence?”, I have high emotional intelligence. Moreover, in MBTI test, I am an ENTJ personality, and one of the strengths of this is to enhance self-growth in all aspects of life. If I experience something unpleasant, I try to think about it from a different and optimistic perspective. For example, my ex-roommate had brought her boyfriend everyday to our house and threw a party without advance notice. Even though I told her to be quiet many times and discussed this issue with her father, she did not listen to my words and another roommate’s warning. I figured out that if I continue to be resentful, I would be just exhausted. So instead of being angry with her, I assumed that it…

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