My Financial Understanding

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Who Shaped My Financial Understanding? There have been four people in my life that have influence my understanding on finances. Those four people are my mom, dad, grandpa, and Mrs.Burford. Through Mrs.Burford and my grandpa I learned a lot of positive financial advice and how to be successful with my money. My parents have taught me some positives but also some negatives to financial management. In this essay I will breakdown exactly how each one has affected my understanding of finances. First up will be how my parents have done this. My parents have helped me so much in my financial understanding in my life. First they helped me get my first bank account, which is a crucial step in financial management. They also helped in my understanding of financial responsibility by making me get a …show more content…
Mrs.Burford teaches business classes at my school in which many I have taken. I first had Mrs.Burford in seventh grade when I took a class called personal finance. In personal finance she had us watch videos from Dave Ramsey. I learned some financial responsibility in that class because of rules in the videos such as to have a thousand dollar emergency fund, to save at least twenty-five percent of my income, and how to invest in the stock market. Then in my eleventh grade year she taught me in a accounting class. In this class I learned how to do bookkeeping as well as how to make a budget. We also learned signs that the business owner was being financially irresponsible with the business. Now in my senior year I am taking a class called Intro to Business. In intro to business so far we have learned how supply and demand affects the market as well as how we as consumers affect the market. I look forward to continue to learn financial responsibility in her class and thanks to her I will be going to Clarion University for Accounting. Without her business classes my financial understanding may have never been to the point where it is at

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