Who Has Anti Social Personality Disorder? Essay example

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According to a report series, Sherlock Holmes notifies himself as a sociopath. He stated “I am not a Psychopath, I am a high Functioning Sociopath, and do your research.” Sherlock Holmes’s proclamation of himself being a sociopath is more romantic and more intriguing rather than the disturbing truth that describes a sociopath. So I wonder if we really understand the characteristics of a sociopath. “Antisocial personality disorder results in what is commonly known as a sociopath (“Profile of the Sociopath”).” Four percent of the American population represents a sociopath. There are distinctive modifications from someone who has Anti-social personality disorder (APD) then an average human being. A sociopath has a tendency to blend or fit in, being able to gain employment and developing quality relationships with others. In other words, they are able to blend in with average human being, although their intentions are not to be a help hand towards you in any sort of way. In reality they have a diverse personalities than an average human being in reality. Sociopath has many interesting characteristics; the most intriguing ones are lack of empathy, high IQ and impulsive behavior as demonstrated in Oliver Twist. There are so many qualities of a sociopath. Many people think a sociopath is the same as a psychopath. “Some psychologists agree that sociopath and psychopath are calculating and measured the same in their actions” (Loewen). “Psychopath is more likely to construct a…

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