Essay on Who Don 't Need No Man?

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Throwing her phone on her bedroom floor, Chloe buries her face in the pillow and cries. As the song, “Let It Be” plays in the background, Chloe doesn’t understand what she did to make Ken break up with her. Tears streaking down her face and the words “We’re over,” running through her mind, Chloe believes that she won’t be able to make it. “I need a man, I need someone. I can’t go through life on my own.” Chloe needs to realize that she can make it in the world by being a strong, independent woman (who don’t need no man). Even though Chloe is a fictitious character, her situations can pertain to any woman. Society thrives on the corrupt, on the mistakes, and on the actions of individuals. By being strong and independent, a woman can almost guarantee that she will be one of the lucky ones that society doesn’t crack. First and foremost, women need to realize that they aren’t as strong and independent as they think they are. After a breakup, women tend to break down and give up. Some put on a front that they can “do better” whereas others self-pity until it’s too late to start over. These are mistakes! After a breakup, a woman is allowed to cry herself to sleep one or two nights, but after that time of self-pitying, she must get up, push the crushed up tissues and dried up ice cream to the side, and start with a fresh mindset. A famous author once said, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” If a woman hits rock bottom with a breakup, she can…

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