Who Do We Blame For Obesity?

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Who Do We Blame For Obesity? “Supersized Americans”
When you drive through fast food you have the option to get your meal in a small, medium, or large every time. The small would be ideal but when you are hungry you think it is literally too “small” so most go for large. The large is equivalent to a supersized meal. In America it is not uncommon to be overweight and order supersized meals. There are many contributions to being overweight, but there is one that is simply the biggest factor. The fast-food industry has caused Americans to become unhealthy. The question is who is to blame for letting it come this far? First, there are those that believe the fast food corporations are to blame. They are accused of targeting young children in schools and
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More recently there are more fast foods than ever before by a huge amount. David Zinczenko is a well known editor in chief for Men’s Health Magazine and he believes that fast food corporations are to blame for obesity. Zinczenko writes in his article, “Don’t Blame the Eater,” (2002), “Where, exactly are consumers, particularly teenagers, supposed to find alternatives?”(1). In making this comment, Zinczenko argues that there are not many options for healthy, cheap fast food for consumers. Teenagers will buy what they can afford and there are more fast food restaurants than healthy restaurants. He also wants fast food companies to put warning labels and health hazards on their food. He states that, “Without such warnings, we’ll see more sick, obese children and angrier, litigious parents.” ( Zincenko 2). In other words, Zinczenko believes there will be more fault on the food corporations for the rise in health care costs caused by their lack of warning the public especially children about the consequences of eating their food. Fast food industry is advertising to young children and teenagers and obesity is on the rise for all

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