The Pros And Cons Of Drones

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IV. Increase Criminal Activity
A. Another issue that needs to be considered involving domestic use of drones is criminal activities. Adding small, cheap and easily available devices to the society will do nothing but raise crime.
1. Introducing drones to the society will be like handing criminals the toy they have been looking for all their lives. Causing the crime rate to rise tremendously. For instance, in the article “Who Controls the Drones” on page 83, Anthony Harrington points out the negative effect the drones can have on the crime rate in the society and the possible ways the criminals might use this technology.
2. Harrington states that “For criminals UAV’s could be used as look-out devices, for smuggling or even murder” (Harrington
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In addition to the information provided by the previous source, this Grossman compares the positive and negative acts drones are able to perform. As a results he explains the pros and cons of drones. In the article “Drone Home” on page 33, Lev Grossman makes these comparisons through real life examples.
2. Grossmans States that “Drones will carry pizzas across towns and drugs across borders. They’ll spot criminals on the run and naked celebrities in their homes”. (Grossman 33).
3. These comparisons provided by the author prove that drones have a positive and negative benefits. But the benefits do not overweight the negative effects of drones as they enter the society and promote offences like privacy breech and smuggling across border.
D. Not only are drones a major security concern when it comes to issue like terrorism. But the domestic entrance of these devices also impact the criminal activities at home. Drones can be used to carry drugs and illegal weapons across border as well as help criminals commit murders. For example criminals can figure out a mechanism that can be used to fire a gun. Criminals won’t be required to risk their life crossing the border, all they have to do is control a machine and with just a few movements on the remote the drugs would be delivered across

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