Who Can Be Blamed For The Holocaust? Essay

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The Mirriam-Webster dictionary defines the word “blame” as a verb, meaning “to place responsibility for a fault or error; to hold responsible; to find fault for.” In the face of a horrific tragedy, it seems to be a natural response to want to place the blame on someone or something, perhaps to channel the anger and the trauma and be able to put it somewhere, anywhere, in hopes of alleviating the pain. It might be a way to rationalize what happened, to try to apply reason and logic to the equation, making steps in the right direction of moving on. But who can be blamed for the Holocaust? Who is responsible for the countless number of atrocities committed during this time? When looking at the dehumanization and systematic murder of millions of people, there is no single perpetrator to place the blame on. No one person could have committed these heinous crimes against humanity alone. In order for it to have happened, there had to be a following of thousands of people, lead by one seemingly inhuman person. There was a leader, who introduced his evil, twisted vision of utopia, individuals willing to plan out the steps to achieve this, and the soldiers willing to carry out the plans and orders. Though the blame lies with many, this paper will focus on the man who’s vision pushed an entire group of people in an area to the verge of decimation, killing millions in the pursuit of a sickening dream, Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in…

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