Who Can Be A Potential Referral? Essay

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When you begin to look at your community in terms of referral possibilities, it is easy to see that they are everywhere. The possibilities of who could be a potential referral source are endless. Everywhere you look, you will begin to see how your services may be of interest to another service’s patients. Living with an eye for referrals is a good way to help grow your practice. It may take some practice to train your mind to think in terms of referrals, but once you do, it will be like second nature—and it will pay off.
Beyond physicians, there are plenty of other opportunities available for connecting with other medical specialists in your area. Many of them will at some point have the need to refer one of their patients to an orthodontist, and you want that referral to come to you. Whether or not that referral comes your way is largely determined by your having connected with that medical specialist or not. If they don’t know your services exist, what your office is capable of, or your charming personality, there’s a good chance someone else will get the referral.

Speaking Their Language
After you start getting referrals from physicians, it’s important to communicate with their office on the level they wish to be communicated with. Many have electronic records that will give you the opportunity to append X-rays and treatment notes directly to their care coordinators, especially if they are at a hospital. If you are not familiar with these systems, you can often take a…

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