Who Are We Really? Essay

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Who Are We Really?: How the Media Misrepresents People
In the media today, different groups of people are represented in different ways. In television and film, white males are most often represented as the most diverse and complex character, not really having a stereotype that his character has to fill. While that’s true for that one type, it’s not true for all types of characters. African Americans find their fictional portrayals as the goofy best friend to the white main character, furthermore, people who are gay see their portrayal as the sassy gay friend or the butch female just looking for fun. No matter what group someone identifies with, the media stereotypes them in a negative way. In Amy Zimmerman’s “It Ain’t Easy Being Bisexual on TV” and Amy Stretton’s “Appropriating Native American Imagery Honors No One but the Prejudice,” the two discuss how the media stereotypes both bisexuals and Native Americans in a negative way, making them almost nonexistent or caricatures to the world.
Amy Zimmerman titled her article, “It Ain’t Easy Being Bisexual on TV” as an allusion to the infamous Kermit the frog song, “It Isn’t Easy Being Green.” Kermit’s song describes how he fades into the background as something green in nature, instead of standing out like everything should. Zimmerman’s article does the same by describing that bisexuality is horribly underrepresented and misrepresented in the media; they fade into the background. Zimmerman tells how the media isn’t “going out…

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