Who Are The Typical Stakeholders In The Information System Case Study

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Q1. Why Information Systems are (IS) essential in organizations?
Ans1. Information systems within an organization capture, stores and handle information to create helpful data which will facilitate organization and its workers as well as clients. Therefore information systems are essential within a business to maintain information as well as records that can play an important role in the success of the organization.

Q2. Why do systems analysts need to know who the stakeholders are in the organization?
Ans2. The systems analyst must understand the stakeholders’ sentiment in the organization since the program analyzer machines like coordinators, lessening the communications space between nontechnical customers as well as technical designers
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Who are the typical stakeholders in the information systems? What are their roles?
Ans3.The typical stakeholders in an information system are:
a. Systems owners - are usually fascinated much more within the main point here - just how much would the system price? Do you know the advantages as well as approximate revenue the system will
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The system would not even exist if there are no system owners. So the effect of not having a system owner is extremely basic. These are the people who help in the creation of the information system by funding them. They are the actual system operators and also look after its maintenance. Without them the system cannot be created and if created it might not work as effectively as it should work.

Q5. What are the differences between the internal and external users? Give examples.
Ans5.Because of the World Wide Web the distance between the internal and external users of the business has been decreasing day by day. The best example of the internal and external users is Subway, Dominoes pizza, any grocery or departmental stores, Amazon.com, BestBuy, Target, Walmart etc...
The internal users are usually the employees of the company which can be classified as:
a. Clerical and service and workers- are the ones who use the system daily for taking orders, making invoice, making payments an d many more services.
b. Technical and Professional staff- are the skilled professional which can be analyst, marketing people, business strategists, accountants, lawyers,

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