Who Are The Three Most Important / Significant Persons? Essay

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Name:Maya Robinson

Year/Level: Sophomore

Who are the three most important/significant persons in your life?
-The three most important/significant people in my life are my Father, my Nana (my mother’s mom), and my Aunt Andrea (my father’s sister). My mom passed away when I was a child and my Father, at many points in my life, didn’t think that he would be able to raise me alone. The two of us have dealt with a lot of ups and downs in our relationship over the past two years, but he has always been there for me, and I’m thankful for that. From the support of our extended family, the two nanny’s that I had from pre-k to the time I could drive, and friends, I don’t know where we would be without them. My Nana was hit the hardest by my mother’s death. Ever since she died, my Nana has suffered from depression, because you 're not supposed to bury your children. I’m the only piece of my mother that is left and even though she lives in California, and I live in Ohio, she has always managed to be completely present and involved in my life even from across the country. It’s visibly apparent that when I do see her, her heart aches from the sight of me, because I look so much like my mother. However, she still puts a smile on her face even though you can tell that she trying to hold back tears. My Aunt Andrea has always been the voice of reason, the mediator between augments, and the example of what a mother is that I have looked towards my whole life. She is the person that helps…

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