Who Are The Millennials? Essay

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Who are the millennials? Are they who people said they are? Millenial by definition is a generation that come after generation X, which got named generation Y. They are born from the early 1980s to the 2000 (Bradley). Many people also prefer them by the me, me, me generation because they are selfish and self center. Despite they are selfish and self center, they are unique. They take chances that the older generation wouldn’t dare to take. Put themselves out there to see everything and to learn everything they could. Adapt to new environment and new people. I’m a millennial and I agree with this because I can see it in myself. I will focus on myself more than I focus on others, do the things that I want to do not what the other person want me to do. Trying new things and going places that will help me to see that there are nothing I can’t complete if I put my mind into it. If things don’t work out in my favor then I will try something new. It doesn’t matter how long it take me to find what I love to do because I’m still young and have a long life ahead of me. Even though millennials are arrogant, but they are the best generation because they can see things from many different point of views.
With many opportunities out there people can do whatever they want to. But if they are not a millennial then they will not take that chances.In the article Are Millennials really the 'Me ' generation? Fagan notes that "If you 're happy with yourself, your confidence level goes up. If…

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