Who Are Heroes? Social Work? Essay

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Who are heroes? A doctor is a hero when he or she saves a life? A firefighter is a hero, when he saves someone’s home from burning. But who helps the patient that is unable to pay for medicine? What happens to victims after a fire that who do not have home insurance? Do they have shelter? Clothing? Food? I choose social work, because social workers are superheroes. I want to make a difference, and help individuals, families, and communities. Not to mention, many of the social work values, such as service and social justice resonates with my own values, and personal beliefs. I strongly believe that it is important to guide people to autonomy, and feel that it is important everyone has equal access to opportunities and resources. What attracted me to social work is the opportunity of growth. In the profession of social work, there are numerous opportunities offered within the field. For example, social workers can work in different settings, such as hospitals, schools, and agencies.
What influenced my choice of the social work profession, were my personal and school related experiences. As a patient, observing the quality of healthcare led me to have an interest for medical social work. Also, I have experienced long waiting periods, and incompetence. Not to mention, many doctors do not listen to the concerns of the patient, and instead do what they think is best. Many clinics in impoverished areas have a high-volume of patients, which leads many to the waiting rooms of…

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