Who Am I This Time? Essay

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In the film “Who am I this time?” and in the movie “Forest Gump”, both main characters are trying to find a uniqueness and are sometimes fantasizing to be what they really aren’t or wish they were. The focus or so called theme of these two films are, you are what you pretend to be. The narrator of the film “Who am I this time?” is directing his first play and doesn’t know much about theater and how it works. He wants Harry Nash to be the lead role, but also needs a women to be the other role in the play. As the narrator was at the telephone company, he runs into a beautiful looking women who would fit that role. Her name was Helene, the narrator asked that she’d come at try out for the play and get the role. After she got the role, she began to practice and after many rehearsals, she begins to fall for Harry. But what she does not know is that Harry is actually really shy. After three plays, and Harry leaving right after both of the first two times, the third time, Helene doesn’t let him leave. After the play, she gives him a romantic scene from Romeo and Juliet to read and as he reads it, it begins to turn into a romantic scene after all. After the play they leave together and a week later they get married.
Helene in the film “Who am I this time” starts out being a normal working girl at a telephone company and has a boring life with no excitement. Until Harry comes into her life, she soon is filled with joy and romance. As they begin to be around each other daily and…

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