Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, Truth and Illusion. Essay example

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Cal Stanley

Edward Albee first published his famous American play, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, in 1962. The play took to the stage with critical praise and can be described as one of the greatest American plays ever written.
Four years later, Director and Producer Mike Nichols adapted the play to the silver screen with one of Hollywood's most acclaimed screenwriters Ernest Lehman, the film released much like the play before it, to a highly positive reception but in the end was said to be faulted for feeling too detached from the play.

The name of the play, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, is a play on words and used as a joke within the story. The title, and the joke as well, sum up the very
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When we are introduced to the house guests Nick and Honey shortly after the argument and soon George and Martha incorporate the two into their head games. Martha takes a liking to Nick, and uses him as a way of trying to get at George.
For a brief time, Martha escorts Honey upstairs where she shares with her a secret George has about his and Martha's son, her first big attack on him as they spiral towards total war. She re emerges from upstairs in a much more suggestive outfit that George refers to as her 'Sunday chapel dress'. This makes the audience realise that George knows what is happening, and intends to play along as he follows up with “We get lonely for the soft purr of your little voice”.
Another trick Martha uses to 'turn the tables' on him, so to speak, is shifting the conversation to athletics and sport. Nick being represented as a specimen of athletic excellence and George as a figure of much lesser greatness as he is shown in the film slumped in a corner, near the bar, dimly lit and reading a book as Nick is placed in the shot next to Martha, looking dominant and powerful, brightly lit, with his wife in the foreground overshadowed by Martha.
This is another theme within the play that is recurring, as George and Nick are compared in way of physical ability, there is also another rivalry hidden within the two characters. George being a history professor and Nick a

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