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Analyzing Goal Setting on Employee Motivation
Assignment 5
Business Communication
Johns Hopkins University

Zhe Xu
September 28, 2013

Executive Summary
As an intern at Citibank for one month, I found that employees at Citibank do not focus on their work during their work time. In order to correct this low morale at Citibank, I proposed to use goal setting to improve employees’ behaviors. This research explores whether goal setting has a positive effect on employee motivation by borrowing models from predecessors’ research and social cognitive theory.
An email-delivered descriptive survey addressed ten questions on how employees feel and whether they are motivated after they are assigned goals. My findings suggest that Citibank
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A company that has well-performing employees and an efficient operating system can increase its reputation in its industry, attract more customers to invest into Citibank, and earn a larger market share. Based on predecessors’ theories, goal setting seems to have a positive effect on motivating employees. Therefore, this research specifically focuses on finding out whether goal setting is an effective way to motivate employees.

Employee Motivation and Goal Setting
It is important to know the definition of both employee motivation and goal setting. Motivation can be defined many ways including: a psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction (Kreitner, 1995), a tendency to behave in a goal-directed manner to achieve specific, unsatisfied needs (Buford, Bedeian, & Lindner, 1995), an inner drive to meet an unmet need (Higgins, 1994), and the aspiration to achieve (Bedeian, 1993). The reason we need to motivate employees is survival (Smith, 1994). We need motivated employees to help Citibank survive in our rapidly changing industy. Motivated employees are more productive and efficient.
To motivate Citibank employees, a set goal is needed to help them push forward in their jobs. This is based on Ryan’s (1970) premise that conscious goals affect action. A goal is defined as the purpose or target of an action, for instance, to

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