White Vs Black Essay : White And Black

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White Vs Black
The world we live in today is not only diverse through culture, religion, and ethnic background. What most people notice is on the outside to what they can only see. Since 1896, segregation has been one of the world’s biggest issues between culture identities. Two culture identities such as white and African American people have been impacted heavily upon each other in many ways, due to the history and communication that caused enormous amount of unnecessary tension between the two groups.
The culture identity of white, Caucasian person could be made up of many different parts, but the general idea of the culture contains that white people are made up of strength, power, and historical discrimination among many different races. The general appearance of a white man could be as light complexed skim, average height, average weight to possibly little overweight, blonde/brunette hair, and commonly blue to hazel eyes. These are all genetics characteristics that are past on through generations. A typical outfit that could be seen by a Caucasian individual could be well fitting cloths, wearing top brand designer cloths, expensive jewelry, and generically clean well-fitting shoes. The typical white Caucasian male/female characteristics of behavior are made up of going to work to provide for their family, family oriented, and uses force when threatened, along with taking time when dealing with a situation VS acting imminently which that could cause more harm than good.…

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