Essay on White Views Impacting A Family 's New Biracial Lifestyle

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White Views Impacting a Family’s New Biracial Lifestyle
Jennifer Cramblett clearly had her own set of issues that she imprinted onto her daughter, Payton. These issues stem from her upbringing and the community that she lives in. Cramblett and her partner wanted an easy life with their child that her and her partner had spent a long time preparing for. They had picked out the perfect specimen but what they had got was something that they did not want. Cramblett received a dose of black realities that now enveloped her life with an uncomfortable association with racist prejudice in a white dominant society. Cramblett’s life can only be explained as unwanted, as she sues the sperm bank for flipping her life on its side. Cramblett’s hard new life has resulted in the need for a lawsuit and a whole set of fears that she did not have before.
Jennifer Cramblett is having a hard time not having a child that looks like her partner that is why she chose the donor she did. She worked very hard and “picked one specimen of biological material that was right for their family” (Mystal, 2014). She wanted her child to have somewhat of a resemblance of her partner, so that people would not ask too many questions on the paternity of her child. Despite that, she did have a whole other set of problems to worry about. She did not know how society, especially her community, would react to her child and her family being “jumbled up with a white couple’s inability to cope with blackness”(Clifton,…

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