White Trash Bash Short Story

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Today is the 3rd of July the day we pack up and get ready to go to the cabin and get ready for the 4th of July. We bring food, swimming suits, and all our clothes we need for the weekend. My family and I are celebrating with my moms side which is the Inman’s. We get to see all our cousins and swim with them. There is a lake, a volleyball court but there is no net, sadly we forgot to bring one for the weekend. Tomorrow we are having a ‘White trash bash’. What is a “White Trash Bash’ you ask? This is where you wear clothing that you normally would not wear in public here in Albion but some may wear because we may label them as “rednecks”.

When we get to the Cabin I see the beautiful full trees swaying in the wind. The water on the lake
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We had brownies and bars to fill us up. Then it was up to the kids to clean up from supper. Uncle David came up with a game called egg smashers. There were about 20 raw and 20 hard boiled eggs placed on a tray. No one could tell which was which. You picked an egg and smashed it on your forehead praying the egg you picked was hard boiled. We laughed so hard it hurt. Girls beat the boys by 2 eggs. Raw eggs smell and taste nasty!! This game is a game we will definitely will play again. All ages from 1 to 70 can play. Neighbor kids and adults even …show more content…
Uncle David and Devon put out 3 catfish pulls hoping to catch the big one. On one of the pulls they didn't catch a catfish but they caught a gar which is a terrifying beast it eats all the good fish. We got the bonfire going there was people sitting around but wait what about the smores’ stuff oh we can't forget about that yumm. Time passed as we all got heavy eyelids and said it's time to go to bed. so we put out the fire and went inside and fell asleep in our nice and cozy bed. Finally it was the 4th of July we woke up the next morning to a nice and warm breakfast, we got dressed into our outfits after we ate we all looked hilarious. The neighbors gave us stares but we didn’t care because there was a reason for our crazy themed 4th of July. This 4th was the 1 year anniversary of my Uncle David’s terrible burn accident. Aunt Haley thought it would be a fun way to lighten the mood. I left mid afternoon right after grandma and I made homemade ice cream. We made chocolate with any topping you liked. I was gonna miss all the lakes fireworks but I was gonna see some at Emily’s. That night at Emily’s we ate supper with their friends. Emily drove the 4 wheeler because she didn’t want me to crash into the propane tank again. Really, I learned my lesson the last time but oh well. When it began to get a little dark we did big fireworks, even though my mom doesn’t allow us

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