White Tail Deer : My Favorite Animals Among Many Essay

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In the paper for the final I have decided to watch white tail deer behaviors. White tail deer is one of my favorite animals among many. I have done this by Sitting in my stand and have used my past experiences watching my fair share of deer. Which has lead me to look even further. I have concluded that there are eight different ways a deer moves its tail. I also wanted to know more about how they eat, what they eat, and how they can digest al theses different types of food.
Deer are generally browsers, meaning they eat primarily young twigs, buds, and leaves of trees and shrubs. However, deer eat a wide variety of items including grasses, sedges, fruits, nuts, mushrooms, and forbs. Their consumption of these foods varies by season and depends upon the plant availability and nutrient requirements of deer at a given time. White-tailed deer are ruminant’s kind of like livestock, they have a four-chambered stomach specialized in digesting plant material that contains bacteria and protozoans, but their diet is much different. Cattle are grass eaters, and depend heavily on grasses for their diet. grasses are low in crude protein and digestibility.
White-tailed deer are what people call “concentrate selectors.” Their rumen which is the first chamber of the stomach is small relative to their body size. a whitetail’s diet must be higher in nutrition value and capable of being rapidly broken down in the rumen. Therefore, white-tailed deer rely primarily on forbs and browse leaves…

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