Essay about White Supremacy By Linda Holtzman And Leon Sharpe

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Have you internalized white supremacy? Internalized White Supremacy according to Linda Holtzman and Leon Sharpe, who wrote: “Theories and Constructs of Race” has explained what it means: “is the assumption of white superiority in intelligence, in achievement, and in the centrality in the U.S. culture by individuals who are often unaware of its powerful existence (600-601).” An example of white supremacy is Segregated public facilities were one of many tools of white supremacy, which systematically denied constitutionally guaranteed rights to African Americans during the twentieth century. Many people are uncomfortable using the term white supremacy except when discussing extreme forms of physical violence (such as lynching), cross burning, or other activities associated with the Ku Klux Klan and similar "hate" groups. In fact, white supremacy refers to an entire system designed to maintain white economic, legal, political, and social privilege. When the narrator can’t remember the older son’s name because he himself has internalized white supremacy and thinks that just because he is white so he does not need to remember the older son’s name; which just because he is white he thinks that he has the right to forget someones name which has now become a schema which, according to Holtzman and Sharpe is:” A mental model or pattern of thinking that influences the way we organize and simplify our knowledge of the world around us (601).” However the schema’s that we subconsciously…

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